Can she step up?

15 years old | Australia

Record Breaker

At the age of nine Angie Scarth-Johnson was already a world record holder. As the youngest person to have reached the expert level of grade 31 in lead, it’s a mark she still holds. Although she just turned 15, don’t let her age fool you, she’s an elite climber with a grown-up attitude.
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Climbing Prodigy

Angie first fell in love with climbing the trees around her parents’ home in Canberra. Realising this wasn’t just a childish hobby, her parents began taking her to the local climbing gym. Once on the wall, she was hooked. By age eleven she knew her true ambition—she would be a professional climber.

Her Biggest Challenge

Her family have now gone all-in on her dream. They relocated to the Blue Mountains where Angie can climb the crags every day. In addition to her home schooling, she also gets professional training from one of Australia’s top climbers.
In her bid to qualify for the Olympics, her biggest challenge is getting access to world-class climbing facilities. She often travels to Europe and goes back and forth to Sydney regularly, which is up to two hours away by car.

Did you know?

Western Sydney is set to receive a boost in infrastructure spending. Major projects given the green light include extensions to the Sydney Metro rail network and a new rail line from St Mary's to the Western Sydney International Airport.
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