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20 years old | Singapore

Asian Youth Champion

Emmanuel Ryan Paul scaled a 15-metre wall in 5.9 seconds to win the gold medal at the 2015 Asian Youth World Championships. His adult tournament debut in 2018 saw him clinch a top-20 position at the Asian Games. What’s next for this up-and-coming athlete?
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Need For Speed

Growing up in fast-paced Singapore, the city has made a big impact on the talented 20-year-old. It was only six years ago when he joined his first after-school climbing activity. Unaware of the fact that climbing was an actual competitive sport, when he found out, he started entering—and winning— inter-school competitions. It was then he decided to push it further and take climbing seriously.

His Biggest Challenge

To excel on the world stage Emmanuel will have to zero-in on improving his overall performance. A lack of facilities in Singapore is being overcome with the help of JLL. We sponsored the installation of one of the first speed walls with an auto belay system in the country.
Even with this support, he knows that achieving his ambition of earning Singapore’s second gold medal will require a zen-like focus.

Did you know?

Singapore won its first Olympic gold medal in 2016. The resulting interest in sports-related events is driving new investments in training facilities across the island nation.

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