Turning climbers into

United Kingdom

Passion for Climbing

With 40 years of coaching experience, Ian Dunn has seen climbing evolve from a recreational hobby to the professional sport it is today. As Great Britain’s climbing team coach, he has been guiding the country’s climbers for the past fourteen years. Now using new cutting-edge technology created by JLL, he will help our climbers achieve their greatest ambition.

Reputation for Success

Ian is most passionate about helping young climbers reach their potential. With that focus in mind, in 2002 he opened his own climbing centre in Rochdale, UK, to help up-and-coming talent. Many of the youth that he coached went on to win national and international climbing events.

Achieving Ambitions

Coach Ian believes that hard work and self-belief are the foundations for a successful climbing career. That’s why he puts an emphasis on consistency and a strong mental focus. The desire to work harder than everyone else is what makes a champion.

“Without a very strong sense of self-belief, you will not succeed. Climbing is very psychological. Obviously, you need to be fit and strong, but the mental side is what makes the difference.”

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