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26 years old | Hong Kong, Greater China

Hong Kong Champion

Asia Cup boulder champion. Hong Kong lead climbing champion. Hong Kong speed climbing champion. These are just a few of the achievements of Yau Ka-chun, a full-time climber who has dedicated his life to becoming a professional athlete. Now he is totally focused on the ambition of representing his country on the world stage.
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Juggling It All

Growing up in a single-parent household with two older siblings, Ka-chun often liked to climb the trees in his neighbourhood park. At age 14 he saw the climbing wall in his nearby community centre and was encouraged by a social worker to give climbing a try. As an adult, he had to juggle work with his climbing ambitions until one day, his talent was finally noticed by the government. He’s now doing what he loves as a full-time sponsored athlete.

His Biggest Challenge

As one of Hong Kong’s most celebrated climbers, there’s a lot of pressure on his shoulders. His government sponsorship, which was his ‘big break’ at the beginning of his career, is always under review and he must show results to ensure it goes on.
But this pressure is nothing new for Ka-chun. In fact, his biggest challenge is balancing his emotions and handling the expectations that come with being a professional athlete.

Did you know?

Young professionals in Hong Kong often pay up to 80% of their salary in rent. As the housing market continues to heat up, co-living is becoming a tempting lifestyle option for many residents.

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