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17 years old | Japan

Rising Star

In a country brimming with high-performing climbing talent, Karin Kojima is on the brink of becoming one of its most prominent rising stars. As a winner in national youth competitions, she has reached the semi-finals of adult tournaments. Karin now hopes to make it on to the Japanese National Climbing Team.
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Sacrificing for Success

At an early age her father began taking her and her sister to the climbing gym in their hometown of Gifu prefecture. Although she fell in love with the sport, the demanding training schedule meant she couldn’t play like other children. After encouragement from her coach and a transformative climbing trip to Switzerland, her determination to succeed is stronger than ever.

Her Biggest Challenge

Karin may appear like your average Japanese teenager. But look deeper and you’ll find a dedicated student-athlete whose schedule is so intense that on most days she doesn’t see her bed until 1AM. It’s no wonder her coach believes endurance is her greatest strength.
If stamina has made her a champion lead and bouldering climber, it will take speed to help her reach the next level. If she improves her speed climbing technique, her aspirations are definitely within reach.

Did you know?

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