Can he commit?   

19 years old | Singapore

Homegrown Talent

As one of Singapore’s most hopeful climbing talents, Mark Chan has already tasted success with 3rd place in the Asian Youth Championships and a spot representing his country at the Youth Olympics in Argentina. Now 19, his time is split between training and studying to become an aerospace engineer.
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Natural Ability

Mark started climbing in primary school, although it wasn’t a serious interest. He regained his focus in secondary school and right away his talent turned heads. He’s now trained around the world, most recently having returned from an intensive training programme in the UK.

His Biggest Challenge

Mark’s experience at the Youth Olympics in Argentina has taught him some valuable lessons. However, he’s also passionate about flying for the Singapore Air Force and his demanding coursework keeps him very busy. With equally bright prospects, he’s unsure of how he can commit to both his studies and his training.
Even with so much on his plate, Mark is totally focused on achieving his ambition: representing his nation at the next Olympics. You can be sure if he has a spare hour in the day, he’s making full use of it on a climbing wall.

Did you know?

While the characters from the Hollywood blockbuster Crazy Rich Asians may be fictional, as a land-scarce country, Singapore’s real estate prices are some of the highest in  the world.

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