Janice Chin

Capital Markets, Malaysia
Be Bold In Everything You Do

"Your Only Enemy Is Yourself. When you stop comparing yourself with others and look to improve yourself, is when you will get your gears moving in the right direction to meet your end-goal. There is only 1 of You, so be You!". - Janice Chin

It felt like only yesterday when Janice first step foot at work, post New Year's Day back in 2014. A start of a new year and a start of a new career. Janice has been with JLL over the past 5 years and 6 months now first hailing in the Hospitality Industry. She graduated with Honours as a Property Graduate and kickstarted her career under various developer and hospitality groups. Thus, when a career opportunity at JLL was presented to her, she decided that this was a good time than any to venture into a consultancy firm in order to pursue her professional real estate license.

"JLL has been a constant stepping stone and learning curve for me; being apart of the hotel & hospitality team and alternative capital markets team. With a work culture to have an open communication line with our regional offices including hotel teams, has definitely added on to my skill-set arsenal and personal development growth," she says.

Through her tenure in JLL she recalls a career changing moment where she had a major deal she was spearheading back in 2016. With the long hours and nights she had to put in, she never let it get to her but to look at various alternatives and options available that would give her the upperhand and in the end, closing the deal, giving her the ultimate sense of achievement. "That has been an impact I truly hold true to this day, as an epitome of my capabilities and how JLL has boosted me up in making it possible," she says. 

"With JLL there are so many options for career advancement and there will always be a place the company would want to fit you in and nurture your growth. The company is continuously evolving and transforming and who knows, one day, I might get to do market visits to explore how JLL in other nations operate. Maybe even a mentorship programme with the C suites," she laughs. 

Being a part of the capital markets team has enabled Janice to step out of her comfort zone meeting new clients, deepening rapport with them and ultimately build a lasting bond. "Through this trust and mutual understanding, I am able to look forward to helping my clients to meet their unique projects and needs. Afterall, Rome was not built in a day," she says.

She hopes future talents will have the perennial hunger to learn, be a team player and to step up to the plate to take that swing as she has done so and thus, is what that makes her time in JLL so fulfilling.