Lim Tiong Young

Markets, Malaysia
Determination drives you but Passion excites you

"In anything you do, perseverance, determination and hard work are the keys to success" - Young

Young started off as a Management Trainee back in 2017 with his first 6 months under the Research & Consultancy Team after which he was rotated to undergo training with the Markets Team. From there, it was where he understood his true calling. Having family members in the real estate industry was yet a key driver for Young to experience firsthand the journey it would take him to be successful in it thus finding himself a part of the JLL Family.

"When I moved to the markets department, my first day of work was already in 5th gear, cracking my head to close deals but definitely hats off to my seniors and mentors for their guidance and patience. The flat hierarchy enabled me to speak my mind and seek help even with the team leads without fear", he says. "At times it can get tough with chasing of deadlines and client meetings but it does have its pretty chilled moments too," he laughs.

With positive motivation received from his superior and team mates, it gave him the added determination and perseverance allowing him to close one his major deals in 2019 since starting his tenure with JLL. "The job enables me to meet different clients from different industries which in turn, I do not just play the consultant role but a student too learning from their experience," he says.

"Set your mindset right and you will be able to accomplish anything," he says.