Eva Soo

Assistant Manager, Research & Consultancy, Malaysia
Teamwork makes your work, work!

"Set a height and reach your might"


From her internship placement till her full-time employment, Eva Soo has live and breathe JLL ever since, starting back in 2015 and pursued her Masters Degree in 2017. Now continuing her journey again with JLL dating back to July 2018. "I recalled even before starting work again after I graduated with my Masters, I was already offered a job and was called to start work almost immediately on a consultancy project and by far a very memorable experience it was," says Eva.

The fast and dynamic pace of the company has granted her opportunities to explore different areas in her line of work giving her a sense of achievement has she continues to expand her skill-sets. "Of course as a bonus, JLL is based in the strategic location of KL Sentral with abundant amenities and food choices all around," she laughs.

Embracing teamwork is what JLL is all about as she counts her blessings on the amount of support and guidance she has gotten from her team mates and JLL alumnis. "By far my favourite highlight was even when I was pursuing my Masters Degree, I was already encouraged by my Head of Department to come back to JLL when I am done. That definitely made an impact on me knowing how much I am mean to the team," she says.

One of the core values that JLL lives by is Teamwork and that is held through the Team Play culture practised here. "Everyone may have their own ideals and set goals but they never failed to lend a hand whenever called upon and I have the freedom of making my own choices within reason, that makes working here all the more worthwhile," she says.

She hopes that future joiners will step out of their comfort zone embracing the values that JLL stand for as it is not just a workplace, but also a land of opportunity for one to express their opinions and be heard.