Meet our leaders

It’s our people who make the difference. Get to know JLL’s leaders who help our clients SEE A BRIGHTER WAYSM  forward. 

JLLPS Leadership

Tony Lee (V0412, E0602, PM0412),Executive Officer
Tony Lee (V0412, E0602, PM0412)
Executive Officer
Christophe Vicic,Chief Growth Officer
Christophe Vicic
Chief Growth Officer
YY Lau,Executive Chairperson
YY Lau
Executive Chairperson
KL Eng (REN30177),Capital Markets
KL Eng (REN30177)
Capital Markets
Janice Chin (PEA1732),Capital Markets (Office, Retail Malls, Hotels)
Janice Chin (PEA1732)
Capital Markets (Office, Retail Malls, Hotels)
Derek Yap (PEA 2750),Logistics & Industrial
Derek Yap (PEA 2750)
Logistics & Industrial
Quiny Lee (REN53925),Office Leasing Advisory (Office & Retail Leasing)
Quiny Lee (REN53925)
Office Leasing Advisory (Office & Retail Leasing)
Nicholas Blyth (REN 61550),Office Leasing Advisory
Nicholas Blyth (REN 61550)
Office Leasing Advisory
Yulia Nikulicheva,Head of Research & Consultancy
Yulia Nikulicheva
Head of Research & Consultancy
Timothy Wong,Strategy and Workplace Senior Consultant
Timothy Wong
Strategy and Workplace Senior Consultant
Mohd Arief Firdaus Mohd Yusof,Sustainability Manager
Mohd Arief Firdaus Mohd Yusof
Sustainability Manager
Chong Shu Ling (REN06614),International Residential
Chong Shu Ling (REN06614)
International Residential