Keith Eng

Capital Markets, Malaysia
Perseverance is Key

"Never give up, always strive for the best". #Hustle. - Keith Eng 

Keith has been walking the halls of JLL Malaysia's office close to 4 years now since 2016. What he has experience on his first day, till today has been filled with adventure and excitement. The key decision for him to take the leap of faith was the strong brand presence of what JLL stood for as a Fortune 500 company. "The company has a workable platform for me to grow and learn with excellent leadership by the management to boot," he says. 

Though it has not just been a bed of roses, there are times when things get a little tough. "No one likes to lose a deal but in life it just happens. However, the key element to remember here is to contionuously learn, fully immerse yourself with what is required by the client and work on yourself to further improve by gaining the knowledge, for what you may have lack previously. Keep chasing after your goals for the sky is the limit,", he says. 

Keith has also highlighted that one of the memorable moments he has encountered here in JLL is that he is constantly empowered by the management giving him the freedom over his projects. With an open culture and flat hierarchy, he feels that it allows him to communicate easily with everyone regardless of ranking and pique their brains for self-learning. An ideal he hopes to one day experience is to do market visits, where he can visit other countries and JLL offices to continuously learn from the veterans in the real estate industry.

Though being in an industry that may demand a lot out of you, but it also comes with its rewards so long as you have the right mindset and goals. This is also something I would like to shout out to future new comers and joiners, where JLL not only builds you up but also make you grow and progress even further, he says.