Victor Ng

Sharing is Caring

Since joining JLL PDS Malaysia over a year ago, it has been a steep learning curve to me. The vast experience of co-workers, ranging from designers, engineers, QS, architects and site techincal personnel all working under one roof has given me the accessbility and opportunity to consult co-workers whenever needed. Even greater, the easeness to approach co-workers to have them to share their experience and knowledge about clients, projects or technical knowledge is very valuable for the organization. Their openess and willingness to share out of their busy schedule is truly applausible. This perfectly reflects ONE JLL within the local PDS team. With the co-workers experience and knowledge, I can always seek for their opinion whenever there is a need. Most of the time that they will able to provide me some sort of guidance and in return, allow me to give better advise to our client.

As Malaysian, food is also on top of the priority list. These JLL co-workers are not stingy to share their precious food. Often that we will find our 'fuel' supply whenever there is co-worker returned from out-station trip. The team will always have enough snack supply to keep us fresh and and our stomachs full.