Climbing to the
Next Level

Pioneering Technology

Developed by JLL and our partners, this cutting-edge climbing suit with smart wearable technology is now being used by the athletes. The new suit features advanced sensor-fusion technology that allows their coach to view their movements from all angles in real time.
The smart climbing suit is just one of the ways we’re using technology to help people achieve their ambitions. Want to know more? Stay in touch.

Smart Collaboration

Featuring camera-less motion capture technology, the suit records every movement up any vertical surface and turns it into kinematic data. Each motion is processed and visualised into a dynamic action-replay. Training tips and insights can then easily be marked against specific timestamps which are viewable by coaches and athletes from anywhere.

Rising Stars

Our athletes were excited to trial their new climbing suits. With the ability to visualise movements that were otherwise invisible to the human eye, the technology will help to improve their posture, rhythm, technique, speed and endurance.

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